Because A is for antler.
And we are Alphabet Males.

Imagine a dating service dedicated to relationships built on fairness, respect, cooperation and balanced work-life options for both parties.

No games. No assumptions. No entitlements.

And imagine if your perfect match is imagining that too.

No, Really.

I Insist.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Except one whose time arrived long ago.

  • Specify in your profile your preferred ratio of work and home-life balance.

    • What percentage of your household income would you accept responsibility to make?

    • What percentage of parenting joys and duties would you expect to be yours?

    • Search for potential partners whose own preferences complement yours.​

  • Easily split the cost of dates with the N.R.I.I. app.

  • If things are going well (and you both agree), opt-in to the “90-Day Rule” Countdown Timer.